"Valentina" - modeling tricks. (Russian version)

  • "Valentina" - modeling tricks. (Russian version)

"Valentina" - modeling tricks. (Russian version)


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Product Description

This book is a practical guide to an in-depth study of the computer program Valentina. 

It describes how to work with the different tools and functions of the program, and how to use them for modeling various garments. Shows the different tips and tricks encountered in working with the program.

This book is not a manual on modeling, it only teaches how to perform the processes of modeling clothes in the computer program "Valentina". So you must understand the modeling processes and be able to do them on paper. The book discusses several of the most common modeling techniques and, in some cases, shows different variants of their implementation in the program.

Besides, the construction of automatic constructions on the base of products to facilitate further modeling is discussed in detail.  

This book is written in the text variant (electronic book), with the use of pictures. You will be able to repeat all the steps in the process of reading the book at your computer. The most difficult to understand moments of the book is additionally duplicated in video format.

The reader of this book should already have basic skills of working in Valentina: know how to use its basic tools, create details and layout of details. If you are completely new to the program and don't know how to use it, we advise you to study the Valentine User Guide or the video course for beginners first.

Product Information

Product TypeBook
Format Electronic book
Language Russian 🇷🇺
Status Early access 🏗️
Valentina's version 0.7.x
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