Knit trouser base

  • Knit trouser base
  • Knit trouser base
  • Knit trouser base

Knit trouser base



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Product TypePattern
Price (excl. tax)$5.00
Price (incl. tax)$5.25
Availability Available
Language Russian 🇷🇺
Valentina's version 0.7.49+
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  1. Very High Quality Patterns

    I purchased a couple of these patterns and found them to be very well thought out. They are modern looking, fit your body contours very well, and easy to fine tune to your specific measurements. Valentina team, if you can, PLEASE put more resources on the English translations and/or start using the Valentina's "known measurements" feature that are suppose to be automatically translated into various languages. The "custom measurements" feature which are used in your patterns does not automatically translate into other languages... other than that, keep up the excellent work.

    Reviewed by Andrew Fedor on Feb. 19, 2022, 10:10 p.m. | Permalink

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