Valentina 0.6. User manual. (English version)

  • Valentina 0.6. User manual. (English version)
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Valentina 0.6. User manual. (English version)



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Product Description

If you want to learn more about what Valentina can do, this guide will help you. We have compiled all the information we know about the software first-hand, as they say. Our goal in creating this tutorial was to collect and fully describe all the features of the program. No one knows their creation better than the authors themselves. The existence of this book makes it possible to obtain information from the source without the speculation and distortion that other authors may inevitably encounter when interpreting this or that function in the absence of a primary source.

The manual provides detailed information on all the features of the Valentine 0.6.x program. You will find information on the goals that motivated us to create the application. Detailed descriptions of the settings, tools, and explanations of the purpose of the individual functions. There are lots of illustrations in the book itself, which should make it easier to understand the material. We have tried to make the style of the descriptions as clear as possible for the average user.

This book is addressed to people who are interested in the creation of parametric patterns and want to start applying their knowledge in practice. This book does not give advice on pattern making, except when it is necessary to demonstrate the use of a function. It also does not describe the modelling process. Its purpose is to introduce you to the arsenal available to you. Methods and examples of how to use it are a topic for another book.

Experienced users will also find the facts useful. We can confidently say that even experienced users, who seem to know everything about the program, have been surprised to find facts they did not know about it.

By purchasing this tutorial you will not only get to know the capabilities of Valentina, but you will also help continue its development and evolution, as the application itself is distributed free of charge.

Product Information

Product TypeBook
Price (excl. tax)$22.97
Price (incl. tax)$24.12
Availability Available
Format Electronic book
Language English 🇬🇧
Pages 321
Preview version Download
Status Release 🚀
Valentina's version 0.6.x
Number of reviews 2

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Customer Reviews

  1. Very satisfied

    I was looking for an application to create a T-Shirt pattern. Not complicated, just a simple short sleeve T-Shirt, and after watching a video on how to create a bodice pattern with Valentina I decided to give a try. First, I had to familiarise myself with the tools. Having some experience with CAD applications helped me a lot. The user manual is well written, easy to follow with multiple pictures. I could find answer to all my questions. My advice to the new users, start with something simple, an apron for example. Draw your pattern. Then modify it by changing your measurements, your drawing will adapt to your new measurements, this is the strong point in using Valentina. Next step, go for a T-Shirt, where you have more curves to draw. Same thing, modify your measurements and see how easily your drawing adapts to your modifications. Then comes the time to print your pattern. Tricky procedure, it is not as simple as click print on any other application. You have to create the contour of the piece first. Once again, the user manual gives you multiple pictures and explanation on how to. Then you create a layout. From the layout you select the contour piece you wish to print. If you have A4 paper size, the printing is easy. Otherwise… although the application gives you the choice of different paper size, the end result is not always as expected. All in all, I give 5 Star to Valentina software and its user manual.

    Reviewed by Guy Robillard on Dec. 26, 2021, 4:56 p.m. | Permalink

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  2. Useful

    It is very friendly. I find everything very fast, the only thing it is old, sometimes I didn’t find the matCh on the latest version

    Reviewed by Marysol Gabriel on March 31, 2022, 10:39 p.m. | Permalink

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