Start Journey

Start your journey

Welcome to the first stage of your journey. If you new to Valentina or did not found our recommended packages enough for you this journey will help you to find more options. Please, select which version do you prefer to use.

Stable version

Stable version

Current release: v0.6.1

Select a stable version if you prefer stability over new features.

  • Stability
  • Well tested
  • Good for beginner
  • Only bug fixes
  • No new features
  • Rare updates
  • Not suited for patterns on this web site
  • Not compatible with patterns created in newer versions

Development version Recommended

Development version

Current release: v0.7.53

Select a development version if you need the latest available features.

  • Recommended choice for patterns on this web site
  • New features
  • Often updates
  • Recommended choice for experience user
  • Recommended choice for professional pattern maker
  • Under development
  • Stability