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Sooner or later, every product starts being compared with the competitors. And it seems that we, too, are slowly approaching this point. I would like to share my thoughts on this. I’d like to say right away that this is not a comparison of solutions from other manufacturers with Valentina. Rather a short commentary.


We have recently had a lot of questions from users on the subject of “How is a beginner’s video course different from a user’s guide? And which is the better choice for learning?”.

This question is controversial and needs to be considered in more detail.

This question cannot be answered unambiguously. Because, firstly, it all depends on your current level of training and knowledge of Valentina. And secondly, it depends on whether you prefer a book learning format or a video tutorial format.

Let’s explore this in more detail.


Modern versions of Windows have a built-in security system which checks that executable files are digitally signed. These signatures help identify the program’s origin and also help protect the program files from tampering. Previously, Valentina was also distributed with a developer’s signature, and now we have lost that capability. In this article, we’ll talk about why this has happened and the implications for Valentina users.


We have added five new videos to our user manual.


Due to the move to the new CI service, there will be a change to the list of supported Mac OS versions. From now on the minimum version of Mac OS is 10.14.

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