Release Valentina 0.7.52

Release Valentina 0.7.52

Release Valentina 0.7.52

New release of the test version of Valentinа 0.7.52.

Bug fixes

Fixed an incorrect detail update in the Puzzle app when re-importing raw data.

Fixed the visualization of the Line and Axis Intersection Point tool.

Fixed Valentina crash after tool cancelling.

Fixed detail name reading in Puzzle application.

Fixed warning when calculating a mirrored arc segment.

Fixed incorrect validation of the main contour. False positive double curve recognition.

Fixed setting of measurement dimensions parameters for a multi-dimensional table.

Fixed updating the measurement labels of the multidimensional table in the Valentina app.

Fixed setting of menu items for Mac OS.

Fixed an issue with curve segmentation. With some curve configurations, the calculation was not performed correctly.

Fixed PDF tile export for cases where the printer doesn’t support 96 pixels per inch resolution.

Fixed elliptical arc calculation.

Fixed not correct generation of seam allowance.


The ru locale is declared as incompatible. If this locale is specified in the system locale settings, the application will crash.

Improved warning when calculating curve segments. In addition to the curve name, the name of the searched point was added.

Tape application. Added “Add Separator” to the menu.

Tape application. The “Export from existing…” menu item now also supports export from multidimensional tables.

When adding a function in the formula wizard, brackets and a separator sign for arguments will be added, if needed, along with the name.

Added an option to specify the unit type for the increment value.

When exporting raw layout data to the Puzzle app, the Forced Flip and Forbid Flipping settings will now be taken into account. The corresponding settings will automatically be applied to the detail with no option to disable.

A record of the last selected dimension values in the multidimensional table is now stored in the pattern file. This allows them to be selected the next time the pattern is opened.

The visualisation of the creation of multiple tools has been improved. This will allow more interactive creation of objects.

Elliptic arc object now supports curve approximation parameter.

The size of the spline path tool dialog can now be resized.

Improved “Show in file manager” function for Linux system. Not only the directory with the file is now opened, but the file itself is highlighted.


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