Release Valentina 0.7.51

Release Valentina 0.7.51

Release Valentina 0.7.51

New release of the test version of Valentinа 0.7.51.

This version fixes bugs found since release 0.7.50 and adds some improvements for manual layout.

Bug fixes

Fixed working of the manual layout. Fixed handling of custom sheet size template.

Improved finding the optimal font size for the manual layout detail label.

Fixed validation of main contour of detail.

Improved handling of invalid complex curves. Cases where nodes on a curve collapsed caused the program to crash if the number of real nodes changed during grading.


Improved handling of patterns in manual layout. Added option to control the depth of pattern placement on the scene. Using this feature, you can change the depth of placement of a part by moving it up or down. Details on higher levels will overlap details on lower levels.

The user rights check has been removed for Windows systems. This bug (QTBUG-101168) causes the QFileSystemWatcher class to report incorrect data.

Russian localization was removed.

Processing of printer fields in console mode was improved.

The operation of the file converter has been optimized. This will speed up the process of converting files.

Improved processing of grading parameters. Instead of calling to read the measurement file every time the grading parameters are changed, the values will be recalculated from the cached version.

The package for MacOS doesn’t have sign. Additional steps must be made to install the app on Mac by users.


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