As you may know, we have launched a new website. You are right on it. We can now not only provide you with the latest Valentina version to download, but also support our project by purchasing our products. But we don’t want to stop there, so we want to offer you something else.

Since the project’s existence, we have been contacted by a number of experienced users who use Valentina in their professional work. There have also been occasional attempts to find customers for file development in Valentina. We have received the same kind of requests. And this is where the problem lies. We can’t recommend someone specific, the process itself is chaotic and depends on whether or not the designer is subscribed to our group chat. There is no list of people to whom we can refer someone. Customers can’t find designers, designers lose potential orders, and in the end Valentina doesn’t achieve its goals.

The second problem is our collection of patterns. More specifically, the speed at which we fill it. It’s coming out very slowly. As you may know, we don’t provide PDF versions, instead you get full Valentina files with automatically generated instructions. This approach reflects our desire to teach you how to use Valentina and create your own patterns.

The solution to the above two problems, in our opinion, would be to collaborate with more designers. About this we cannot simply ask you to send us your contacts. We cannot advise to contact you without being at least somewhat convinced of your competence. After all, our reputation is at stake. Without that there is little point in recommending you.

And we wondered, how many of you would like to publish your patterns on our website? We are not talking about publishing for free. We only ask for a certain percentage of the cost of the pattern for sale.

The idea itself is still at an early stage. If it finds enough people willing to participate, we will start working in that direction. All that is known at this stage is that we are looking for people willing to sell their Valentina patterns on our website. You will need to provide the file itself, some measurements files, descriptions and images. In return we will provide a generated recipe for your file. The file itself must be a parametric drawing, but of course this does not mean that you will reveal all your trump cards. Whatever the price, so is the parametrization. It is quite clear that you cannot expect the same level of parametrization from a cheap drawing as from an expensive one. It is up to you to select the topic, the level of difficulty of the drawing, i.e. the parameterisation, as well as the price. Although you cannot expect much from such drawings, it is a good way to show your skills and find potential customers to work with directly.

Requirements for the design of the file:

  • Measurements must be placed in a separate file.
  • Tool notes are desirable if the operation requires explanation.
  • Completed drawing description fields.
  • If the drawing is not a base design it is desirable to provide details.
  • Design of visibility groups is encouraged.
  • The pattern should not generate warnings when reading.
  • Meaningful names are used.

The rest of the details are still under discussion and planning. It all depends on who is interested, on what terms and how many.

This offer is valid for Ukraine, Russia and a number of other neighbouring countries.


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