Request for a new function

Request for a new function

Request for a new function

From time to time, questions arise about how to make requests for new functions. In the previous article, we already touched upon the subject of new function requests. In this one, we will take a closer look at the algorithm.

If you have a wish or idea for a new feature or change, the first thing to do is to let the developers know. Yes, very trivial, but this is often where people stop. If we don’t know your wish, it will most likely never come to life. There is a small chance that you are not alone and someone else will make the request for you. But it’s better not to get your hopes up.

Think about it and formulate your request clearly. This will make it easier to analyze it. If you have several ideas, separate them into separate requests, so they are easier to analyze. Be patient and prepare for more questions from developers. They may ask you follow-up questions.

Each idea should be discussed first, and then described and added to the list of questions to be addressed. To do this, send an email, or use messenger and tell them about your idea. If the developers like the idea, it’s time for a detailed description.

Not all of us know English or how to describe the task properly. So you can use the same channels to describe your request in more detail. But practice shows that an undocumented idea has little chance of being implemented. So it is necessary to add it yourself, or with the help of the developers, to the list of ideas on dedicated website.

No matter how great your idea is, developers have limited resources and there are other tasks that need their attention. So it may happen that your idea will take time to implement. We hope you will be sympathetic to this.

From time to time we have to say no. Remember, when we say no to one thing, we are saying yes to something else. Usually you will get a reasoned response about the reason for the refusal.

The above algorithm is true for any query. However, in the case of a common request, remember that no-one is going to pay for the development of your idea. It is therefore easiest to get approval for a change that is not time-consuming. If you have an interest in funding the development of your idea, this will increase the chances of it being implemented quickly.


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