Updating the Valentina 0.7 user manual (russian version)

Updating the Valentina 0.7 user manual (russian version)

Updating the Valentina 0.7 user manual (russian version)

Update the russian version of the user manual for the pattern making software Valentine 0.7.

First update of the user manual since publication. Changes in version 2.1:

  • Improved description of the “Do not use native file dialog” function.
  • Optimised images.
  • Improved description of the measurements export. Added note about the difference between import and export measurements.
  • Improved description of pattern properties window.
  • Improved description of file formats for export. Added description of TIFF format.
  • Improved description of pattern label creation.
  • Improved description of detail union. Added useful notes on features.
  • Improved description of pattern file saving. Added description of file format change warning.
  • Updated description for setting notches on a pattern. Added description of setting global notch length.
  • Improved description of the “Curve intersection point” tool.
  • Improved description of the “Curve and axis intersection point” tool.
  • Typos corrected.

All of you who bought ebook as well as version with video materials will receive updates free of charge. An email has already been sent to you. To receive the update you just need to go to the product page and download the new versions of the files.


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