Release Valentina 0.7.46

Release Valentina 0.7.46

Release Valentina 0.7.46

New release of the test version of Valentinа 0.7.46.

List of changes in this version.

Incorrect calculation of values for multisize measurements in Valentina

This regression change prevented correct calculation of measurement values when using multisize measurement files.

New placeholder added

Corrected bug that did not allow the dimension label value information to be displayed in the piece label. Reminder that there are currently four dimensions supported: height, size, waist circumference and hip circumference. The new multisize measurement format allows you to give each dimension value a text representation, a label, instead of a numerical representation. This new feature allows the label value to be output via a separate placeholder. If no value has been specified, the value will be equal to the numeric representation of the dimension.

Fixed working with pins

Fixed handling of pins when copying details, as well as when uniting details, when selecting Save Initial Details option. If the processing was not correct, the pin values for labels and grainline were reset.

Correcting seam allowance

Three seam allowance fixes at once: one, two, three. Thanks to the community for spotting these issues.

Small improvements

  • Improved test operation.
  • Fixed translation of table headers in Tape.
  • Fixed not correct reading of notes of some tools.
  • Fixed application crash when history window is open.
  • Fixed regression of Show Pattern Label checkbox.
  • Updated translations.


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