Release Valentina 0.7.48

Release Valentina 0.7.48

Release Valentina 0.7.48

New release of the test version of Valentinа 0.7.48.

WARNING. This version contains critical error. Please, install 0.7.49 instead.

This version brings bug fixes and one new feature.


Fixed crash case when the app cannot calculate empty values for arc and elliptical arc.

Our math parser support native math symbols. Don’t know how many of you know, but some countries have its own versions for well known math symbols. But unfortunately we totally forgot that we still keep support for common anyway.

As always, traditionally yet another fix for seam allowance.

Fix for a regression. Saving the last used layout export format had influence on export of details in the Detail mode.

Export the Draw mode

I can image many of you tried to find a way to export the first stage. This is not easy to achieve, especially if your pattern is big. Scaling down also hides some details like labels. But with this new feature you finally have a way to do it without so much pain.

Here is how the result may look.

Export draw

There are restrictions. You can get only SVG file. There is no support for tiled PDF, so, you must find another way if you want to print it. The main purpose of this feature is to provide for you a screenshot of the Draw mode. There is no way to select which pattern piece to export. You will get what you see on screen.

To export, go to tab Operations while you are in the Draw mode.


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