Release Valentina 0.7.50

Release Valentina 0.7.50

Release Valentina 0.7.50

New release of the test version of Valentinа 0.7.50.

WARNING. This version contains critical errors. Please, install 0.7.51 instead.

This version fixes bugs and adds new features.

Bug fixes

Adjusted the minimum value of the seam allowance width. It cannot be smaller than the minimum point spacing.

Fixed regression for size setting of labels and grainline.

Two corrections for tool point between a curve and an axis. Added correct finding of point coordinates when an axis point lies on a curve. Fixed highlighting when an axis point lies on a curve.

Fixed comparison of global notch length to minimum value. Recall that this option is intended to control the notch length value without the need for manual adjustment for each notch separately. By default, the notch length is calculated according to the width of the seam allowance.

Corrected the generation of seam allowance for an intersection between a curve and an axis.

Corrected reading printer fields for tile pages in console mode.

Improved number handling in console mode. The program will now report errors of this type.

Fixed double context menu call of main contour.

Backported a fix for CVE-2021-21900 vulnerability.

Fixed naming aliases for arc segments.

Fixed hang when searching for a curve segment.

Fixed the note field for the dart tool.

New features

The program can run in two modes: graphical and console. When you start in console mode, the program windows are not displayed. The following changes improve operation in this mode. Autosave will not be called if the application is not running in graphical mode. The warning about staled layouts will be displayed only in graphical mode.

Number of digits after decimal point increased to two for shift fields to improve accuracy of multidimensional measure calculations.

A new warning has been added. When cutting a curve a warning will be displayed if one of the segments is less than 1mm long.

The Variable table is now also available in Details mode. Previously you had to return to Drawing mode to open this dialog.

Improved display of placeholders list. If a custom material has been given a value, it will be displayed along with the placeholder name.

Added “Don’t show again” option to the “Stale layout” dialog.

Added special language selection dialog to avoid situations where the default language does not match the user’s expectations.

The check of the position of the grainline has been improved.

The limit for the number of characters in the piece Letter field has been increased from 3 to 5.

Optimized storage of visibility group information. The changes will not allow duplicate information to be stored.

Removing a tool will also clear the visibility lists that contain that object.

Added option to disable automatic check for program updates.

Added search field for History dialog.

Improved search field.

Improved validation of the piece main contour.

New feature “Background image”.

Improved layout settings dialog. Added scrollbars to allow for more efficient window resizing.

Improved handling of multidimensional measures. If a measurement is not a circumference, then values can be in the range of 1 to 100.

A new type of measure has been added - separator.

Curve creating behaviour with mouse has been improved.

Translation of known measures has been improved. Added tests to track cases of duplicate names.

The drop-down list of dimension values of multidimensional measures will now adapt to the width of the values in the list.

Added ability to give measurements custom names.


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